online test leiderschapsstijl

"A unique test to discover your professional drives
and compare them with others."


Democratic leadership. Servant leadership. Transformational leadership. Shared leadership. Coaching  leadership. On a regular basis ‘new’ variants of leadership styles are proclaimed. It is not really surprising that one is looking for the Holy Grail considering how the traditional, autocratic leadership style is falling short in today’s socioeconomic context.

However, it is simply not possible to define good leadership with one single leadership style. Good leadership requires a sufficient flexibility of style, to adapt oneself to the team and the situation. In other words, it is important to master several styles. There is one style, however, which comes naturally to us. It is called our Natural Leadership Style. Only when we are conscious about our Natural Leadership Style we will be able to learn how to switch effectively between styles.

Is it difficult to be aware of our Natural Leadership Style ?

Our Natural Leadership Style is significantly influenced by our drives. The Needs Theory shows that we are not always aware of the underlying factors that drive our behavior. After all, we do not have any ‘frame of reference’. Since our needs are stable from a very young age (teenage), we consider them ‘normal’.

The NWS test allows you to accurately determine your position compared to all other professionals in the database. You now have a frame of reference that tells you which of the top 10 drives influence you less or more  than others. This will define what your unique Natural Leadership Style is.

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