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Planning organizational change is a lot easier than making it succeed. It’s not because of the low quality of the plans  or the lack of translation to the operational level. Sufficient academic insights and practical experiences have been acquired in  previous decades. Managers who don’t know how to make good plans or who don’t succeed in implementing them, have no excuse.

The real challenge in making  an organizational change succeed, is involving every single employee in the new reality. The missing link in making this change happen is often the personal engagement of the individual employee.

How do you deal with this challenge?

First we have to create clarity on how the desired change will impact the way of working on the company or team level. We do this by answering the question: ‘What do we expect from each other concerning behavior and attitude to make our strategy work and to reach our goals ?

In workshops and with the help of online questionnaires, the team members will gain insight into their drives and preferences. The NWS-test gives you insight into the strength of your drives and passions. The MCS-test (My Cognitive Styles test) measures your preferences for taking in and processing information. By combining their characteristic drives (passions) and their preferences, team members will discover their professional talents.

For each behavioral/attitude goal, we have to discover what talents are going to help us show the desired behavior/attitude and what talents are going to hinder us  from showing the desired behavior/attitude. Behavioral/attitude goals that are in line with our talents, we’ll call  ‘talent areas’ . Behavioral/attitude goals that go against our talents, we’ll call ‘attention areas’. Every team member now has to establish his/her  top 3‘talent areas’ and  his/her top 3 ‘attention areas’. For each of the top 3 ‘talent areas’ he/she will write an action plan describing how he will use his talents to create the desired change. For each of the top 3 ‘attention areas’ he/she writes an action plan how he/she will avoid slowing down the team in establishing the change.

Do you want to know more about how talent management can help you  make change work for your team or company, and how the NWS-test  and MCS-test can help empower you with that knowledge? Read further on or contact us. You can do the tests on and