"A unique test to discover your professional drives
and compare them with others."


Personal development

Your NWS results give you an accurate idea of the strength of your needs, compared to other professionals.

This allows you:

These insights are a very powerful tool to strengthen and speed up your personal development.

Team development

An NWS TEAM ANALYSIS will not only determine your position compared to the other professionals in the database, but also your position compared to the other individual members of your team.

Team Analysis Graph

A Team Analysis graph shows your results (connected by a line) , compared to all the other members of your  team (black dots) in an anonymous way.

This allows you:

A Team Strengthening Workshop will then check how to make optimum use of your team’s diversity and how each of the team members can use his/her "talents" and "points of attention" to achieve the company’s objectives.

NWS-test and MCS-test , a fantastic duo 

The NWS test measures your drives and passions. Our MCS-test (My Cognitive Styles test) measures your preferences for taking in and processing information. When you combine both results you get a clear picture of your professional talents. Read more on

NWS and Core Qualities, a fantastic duo

The 'Core Quadrant' model with the 4 elements core quality, pitfall, allergy and challenge gives us as a professional a clearer and enlightening idea of how we function and how we interact with others. 

"The distinction between qualities and skills mainly lies in the fact that qualities come from within and skills are learned." (Daniel D. Ofman, 2006)

However, for a proper Core Quadrant exercise, you must be able to make a distinction between what comes from within and what comes from the outside. The NWS test results provide this information. Your core qualities are your special skills which have a direct link to your characteristic drives. A drive is 'characteristic' for you when you have either a Low or a High score for it. A Low score means that 80% of the professionals have this drive stronger than you. A High score means that 80% of the professionals have this drive weaker than you.

"helpfulness" is one of your Core Qualities  when you have a High score on the "Care" drive .
"courage" is one of your Core Qualities when you have a Low score on the "Avoid bad experiences" drive.