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"A unique test to discover your professional drives
and compare them with others."


“That which I am unaware of controls me.
That which I am aware of empowers me.”

John Whitmore

Discovering your professional drives gives you insight in "what energizes you" and "what drains your energy" at work. You will also better understand why colleagues with different professional drives will behave differently at work.

Why do we need a test to learn our Natural Working Style?

The ‘needs theory’ shows that we are not always aware of the underlying factors that drive our behavior. After all, we do not have any ‘frame of reference’. Because our needs are stable from a very young age (teenager), we consider them ‘normal’.

The NWS test allows you to accurately determine your position compared to all other professionals in the database. Now you do have a frame of reference that tells you which of the top 10 needs influence you less or more than other professionals. This will tell you what your unique Natural Working Style is. 

When all your colleagues have done the NWS test, we can make a team analysis for your. All results will be displayed in an anonymous way on one handy graph. A powerful tool to discover the similarities and differences in your team.


Our behavior is significantly influenced by 10 psychogenic drives: attention, autonomy, understanding, dominance, approval, avoiding bad experiences, sense of duty, performance, fight and care.

Using your answers to 100 questions, the NWS test accurately determines the strength of your drives compared to all other professionals in the database.

Based on this determination of your position, a detailed report describes your Natural Work Style and your passions. A unique profile, since the scoring system allows for billions of constellations.

Not a theory, but objective figures.